A repository where small programs known as "apps" for Apple devices are distributed. Many apps are free and some cost money.
You can download a new game as an app from the App Store.
by fffelix.jan October 2, 2017
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A rather expensive platform for purchasing online stuff, being the only one available for any iOS devices. Includes many P2W games that require fast wifi, or simple utility apps that do stuff.

Usage requires an "Apple ID" account, which makes the platform harder for tech impaired people to use.
Tech Impaired Guy: How do you download YouTube??
Indian Tech Support: Use the Apple App Store! You need to create an Apple ID, it is very difficult, but I will help you. ***secretly does an evil laugh***
by kevindong October 14, 2017
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Someone who spends a lot of their time on the Apple Store buying apps, usually free, but never really plays them because they're on the Apple Store so much.
Mike decided to buy an app for his iPhone, so he went to the App Store. He immediately became hooked on buying free apps, so he is now an App Store Addict.
by kellblazer July 28, 2012
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When a week or two go by where nothing seems interesting to download on the iTunes app store.
Dude, we're totally in an app store depression, there's no good apps!
by Foxman595 January 11, 2010
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Can you get me a 20 dollar gift card for the app store
"HEY MOM Can you get me a 20 dollar gift card for the app store "
by Bandaid_guttz August 31, 2021
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