A name given to someone who masturbates excessively.
Woah, take it easy there, Palm Pilot.
by Solinox May 15, 2004
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the nickname of someone who just hit puberty, and now spends all of their time masturbating
ever since he turned 13, he has been a real palm pilot
by Phade March 3, 2003
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When you slap a girl in the ass and the suctions caused sucks the shit out like a jet pilot leads a plane down the run-way and rockets into your face. This will cause many more g's than you can think of, of shit in the face.
Danial ask her to slap her in he ass and she recommended he masters the palm pilot for the next sesh.
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The practice of writing something such as a telephone number on your wrist or hand.
Cletus got Marybelle's phone number, and put it in his Tennessee palm pilot: he wrote it on his hand with ball point pen, yup.
by PMax March 11, 2008
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(noun) The palm of one's hand, as used for jotting down notes, lists and/or things to remember.
Sarah Palin couldn't remember her core principle's during a pre-screened and scripted Q & A session, so she scribbled them on her hillbilly palm pilot.
by ImHungry4Biscuits February 9, 2010
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Writing notes down on your hand with a pen.
Commonly used in the medical field where the notes can be written on a rubber/latex glove which can be removed and stored for later use.
Q: Did you write down that patients vital signs?
A: yeah they are here on my Saskatchewan palm pilot.
by Mountain dude. February 9, 2010
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