A being that resembles a human.
A robot that was designed to mimic the behavio of and/or look like a human being.

See android.
There is always a high possibility that the humanoid in an anime show is a very attractive female.
by AYB April 3, 2003
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n. - A human that is very annoyed because they didn't get away with pretending they were humanoid.
"Those self proclaimed leaders are pissed off that their money laundering scheme didn't work when nobody believed they were humanoids".
by MountainCREAMERY December 28, 2016
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An imbecile. Or idiot for lack of a better word. Used by someone who is not of low mental capacity or reasoning, someone clever.

Invariably used to describe masses of idiotic people at any one time, in a sort of sheep in the flock.

NB: They are the ones who climbed out of the primordial slime after all us intelligent people who contribute to the world
Carl: Did you watch X Factor last night?
Dave: No way! I don't watch that crap! It just feeds the humanoid masses who have made a mess of this country.
Dave I'm off the pub. Enjoy watching that shite.
by LoneDragoon90 November 28, 2009
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A 1337 person that could pwn your ass on the internet and real life. Usually can be found on www.hl2world.com and www.halflifesource.com.
Usually lives in a den. www.humanoiden.tk
"n00b: OMG STFU HALO 2 ROX0R!1!
HumaNoiD: shut the hell up and get the fuck out of this forum, or prepared to be bitch-slapped"
by HumaNoiD November 19, 2004
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A person who weighs 300 lbs and is too muscle bound to move any part of his body other than his neck, legs, and fingers.
When the Humanoid enters the gym, the ground shakes as he passes.
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Reptilian Humanoids are aliens that include Dinosaur Bros, Bird-looking mofos, and mermaid sirens to name a few. Not so much the stereotypical lizard-men. They aren’t Reptilian so much as they have nucleated blood cells. The fact that we use “Humanoid” to describe them is more of an insult to them than anything, as they are considerably more advanced than we are, and at best think of us as pets, not peers.

Contrary to popular misconceptions propagated by UFOlogists, they are not cold blooded species, especially when you compare them to some actual cold blooded species... like politicians and lawyers. They don’t need us as a food source, they don’t possess people, they don’t want to take the earth for their own, and they are not demons or spawns of Satan. That doesn’t mean that they are always nice, or that they have our best interests at heart, though.

The fact is that they are definitely here for their own benefit, not ours, and what they see as beneficial to humans might not align with our own views. For instance, killing off half the population with natural disasters and diseases seems like a completely viable alternative for managing the population away from destructive tendency’s like mastering particle acceleration and quantum entanglement. With technology like that, humans might actually have to be treated “humanely” or something. That is definitely destructive for a commodities market that focuses on treating them like livestock.
Hey Glork, what is with this whole thing with these silly earthlings calling us Reptilian Humanoids and thinking we are evil and shit?

I don’t Xyclon, I’m just here harvesting product. These humans, though... they are getting out of control. It is about time to prune back the population and set them back to a more manageable level of civilization and technology. A couple of earthquakes and plagues ought to do the trick. What to you think of hunter-gatherer? Early Agrarian?

Ah hell Glork, just throw down a few dozen giant meteors and let them figure it out for themselves.

Well, some of them are kind of cute, maybe we don’t have to kill quite so many of them this time?
by Byrdlady August 4, 2019
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Nickname for Vash the Stampede, protagonist of the Japanese Anime television show Trigun.
"Upon hearing the rumor that Vash the Stampede was due to appear in town, the entire population evacuated within an hour."
by silverarm January 17, 2004
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