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Also known as "VUG".
Most of the times refered as an insult against people that like to delay Half-Life 2 and hold it as a hostage.

*Oh and they're French too.
"I hope Vivendi will burn in hell."
"Release the god damn game already, you fuckers!"
by HumaNoiD November 15, 2004

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A 1337 person that could pwn your ass on the internet and real life. Usually can be found on www.hl2world.com and www.halflifesource.com.
Usually lives in a den. www.humanoiden.tk
"n00b: OMG STFU HALO 2 ROX0R!1!
HumaNoiD: shut the hell up and get the fuck out of this forum, or prepared to be bitch-slapped"
by HumaNoiD November 19, 2004

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