Those moments / times when someone and you have the "connections" "awareness" simultaneously, although separated by great distance. Like string theory, it is "felt" but not necessarily visible.
Alan and Sharon experienced quantum entanglement when both phoned each other at the exact same time, hearing no ringing, but voices connected and both began speaking with each other about the Kleinbottles they had discussed several weeks ago.
by Empresseffie January 28, 2013
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Quantum Entanglement of Thought: When you Sync with some one, you think alike, when you think about someone and they text mEssagE you. You finish each otheR’s sentences. You think alike, you makE decisions collaborativelY without prior discussion.
Quantum Entanglment Of Thought: OmG I was just thinking of you, and you texted me. I haven’t heard from you in so long but just now I was thinking of you and you sent me a message! We Totally have Quatum Entanglement Of Thought!

Quantum Entanglement of Thoight:
I was going to ask you to pick up ice cream from the grocery store and you brought some home without me even asking, we must have Quantum Entanglemnt of Thought going on!

I was going to ask you to make noodle soup for me.

OmG! I was totally going to make an egg samich but totally wasn’t even wanting noodle soup but made it any ways! We totally have “Quantum Entanglement Of Thought” Going on! theMekanik RS
by theMekanik February 2, 2019
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Any article which contains the words 'Quantum Entanglement' must also contain the words 'Spooky action at a distance'. This rule is an absolute physical constant with no variation.
Joe: Every article I read that has the words 'Quantum Entanglement' also has this retarded Einstein quote about actions.

Larry: Yeah, don't you know you ignoramus? It's Chad's Law of Quantum Entanglement. They have to do that. It's a physical constant!
by faxis2k November 19, 2010
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When two bodies have quantum entanglement and get close to each other, all they can do is try to become one.
Dude, those two just keep making it whenever they get near each other. They quantum entanglement.
by Blackbird131 October 30, 2019
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