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Someone who is explicitly concerned about the welfare and morality of other humans. Generally, humanists are not religious and do not believe in the fictitious teachings of any supposed deity. In this way humanists are commonly atheists and find fulfillment through analytical reasoning and scientific methods. Humanists are thus commonly evolutionists.
Common christian: "Burn in hell you heathen, god will strike down on thee and you will pay for your sins for eternity."

Humanist: "I thank you for your interest in my welfare but it is likely your self-doubt and the inner feelings you have of the frailty and unsubstantiated claims of your religion that cause you to lash out at me so. I hope that you will develop your mind further someday so that you may truly see yourself, others and the world around you for what they truly are. Best of luck to you. I will be here living in reality if you need me.
by Antitheist September 05, 2006
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A person who doesn't believe in a religion but instead in the welfare of humans and other living beings.
Most humanists will choose a wedding or funeral without biblical readings and hymns.
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by nonreligious December 30, 2004
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The irreligious belief that works like a religion without a god but is instead focused on the present welfare of other people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity,culture or any other calharacteristic creating any group of people

Most humanists are usually people who are atheists but can also be religious

Christian dinner: " thanks god for my food *so on so fourth* amen"

Humanist dinner: (in mind) "man the farmer must have worked hard for this produce we must be very grateful
Religious person who found out im an atheist: I thought all people who didn't believe I'm my god(s) where evil but you seem to have high morals, why?

Me: I'm a humanist I prefer to look at the present welfare of others rather than fear something that might not exist at all and tolerate people of all walks of life regardless because we're all people
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by Phboy July 13, 2016
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Follower of the belief system of humanism, the religion of the politically correct world. It is understood that no one can tell another human that they are wrong for what they think and feel.
Humanist: Good God why can't you people see that the most rational and politically correct way of thinking is that of a humanist!
me: According to your belief system a human can't be wrong for what he or she feels. So were the nazis wrong for their malicious feelings towards the jews, or were the jews wrong for feeling victemized?
Humanist: I...don't...know.......
by Trae July 10, 2006
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Years ago, moronic atheists finally came to the conclusion that everybody hates them. So they made another attempt to relabel themselves hoping that people would overlook their unjustified sense of self-superiority, moral cowardice, and complete irrational garbage.
"Ha, you believe in God? We humanists are smarter than you because we think we are just going to rot in a hole in the ground and that the universe just appeared on it's own one day."

"And that is smart because...?"

"Uh... gay pride?"

"God have mercy on these morons..."
by KingLampshade May 18, 2009
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