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What happens to you after your body dies, where your soul goes after death, another existence. Many cultures and religions have different views on the afterlife. Many believe our actions in this life are judged and will effect the afterlife. Others believe in reincarnation. A consistent, vast majority of human population believes in some form of afterlife. Quantum Physics/Mechanics and other sciences show other existences and certainly possible, not to mention other theories on unknown dimensions, alternate universes, etc. Only atheists deny any sort of afterlife, and think they are superior for it, possibly due to a fear of judgment.
"Valhalla is the afterlife Norse Mythology envisioned for fallen warriors and heroes of their culture."
by KingLampshade May 21, 2009
Years ago, moronic atheists finally came to the conclusion that everybody hates them. So they made another attempt to relabel themselves hoping that people would overlook their unjustified sense of self-superiority, moral cowardice, and complete irrational garbage.
"Ha, you believe in God? We humanists are smarter than you because we think we are just going to rot in a hole in the ground and that the universe just appeared on it's own one day."

"And that is smart because...?"

"Uh... gay pride?"

"God have mercy on these morons..."
by KingLampshade May 18, 2009
One of the States of the United States of America and one of the original 13 colonies to declare their independence from Great Britain. Was among the first of the states to seek independence. Connecticut has a rich history and was the home of many patriots. Connecticut is currently among the richest state in the union, and is unfortunately largely filled with rich white liberals. Good education is available to those who can afford it, but taxes are high, and some consider it one of the least free states based on personal and economic freedoms. Drivers are rude (probably 2nd worst in the nation) but not as bad as nearby Massachusetts.

Politically it is usually a blue state filled with idiotic liberals with a bad habit of reelected the same corrupt politicians like Chris Dodd. Some fear Connecticut will turn into an ineffective, bankrupt, one-party state like Massachusetts.
Hey that asshole just passed and flipped me off, must be from Connecticut.
by KingLampshade May 21, 2009
The Imperial System is a system of measurement developed by pimps, for pimps and is thus used in America and a few other pimpin places as opposed to the Metric System would sounds kinda gay.
Hah the Metric System? Too easy to use! It takes a real pimp to use the Imperial System.
by KingLampshade May 22, 2009
The opposite and much more dangerous counterpart to the so called religious right the godless left wants absolute power over government and the nation and will use any opportunity such as economic crises, natural disasters, mass murders, etc. to further their liberal social agenda. The godless left would rather pass moronic liberal social policies, ban free speech (unless you agree with them), and point fingers at everybody else, instead of doing anything worthwhile for the United States. They want the US to have an atheistic government and to brainwash everybody into sharing their same views.

Members of the godless left can often be found complaining about "In God We Trust" on the the American dollar, "One Nation, Under God" in the pledge (or the whole pledge), and will bitch anytime somebody says "God Bless America." They think they are being threatened every time they see Christian imagery, and generally they exist to make the world a shittier place.

Members of the godless left are often leftists who also promote things like gutting our national defense, wasting money on carbon credits,
"Religious right? The religious right is harmless besides for a few moronic traitors in that inbred Westboro "Baptist Church". The real threat is the godless left who is working to strip your rights and destroy everything America stands for. They would force gay marriage instead of civil unions, remove the 2nd amendment to the Constitution, and ban freedom of religion if they could."
by KingLampshade May 21, 2009
Atheists are moral cowards who has decided to reject God in order to live a materialistic, corrupt lifestyle, while claiming to be superior to those who do not follow on their path of ignorance. Usually reject any sort of afterlife as well. Often emo teenagers who have had a poor relationship with their parents and feel the need to resist any sort of authority. Some grow up at some point and accept God, but others just turn into shallow husks of men who can be found trolling internet forums, or creating sad internet communities where they just pat each other on the back all day. Occasionally a moronic atheist will attempt to sue the government or complain about "In God we Trust, God Bless the USA, One Nation, Under God" or other statements.

Atheists are hypocritical in their criticism of organized religion as seen from their behavior and atheists will often try to convert you, despite their complaints when Christians or anybody says something they don't agree with. Most atheists are often leftists and would implement idiotic liberal social and government policies if given the chance. Thankfully nobody would elect an atheist.
So some atheist moron tried to turn me away from my faith yesterday, what an idiot, I would never listen to those emo losers.
by KingLampshade May 21, 2009