The ability to move objects solely with the power of the mind. Seen in zillions of suspense, horror and sci-fi movies and books, but there's yet no proof it exists in real life.
Wilma: Nicky, would you get me the second volume of the Kinsey report on the top shelf?

Nicky: Get me a ladder then! I can't reach that high, what do you think, I've got telekinesis or something?
by Bluejay Young May 15, 2004
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"Thought to be the ability to move or to cause changes in objects by force of the mind."

- "Carrie" 1976
Don't you sometimes wish you had telekinesis?

Yeah, then I could make people think the place was haunted!
by Saturn's Problem Child February 22, 2008
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The ability to translate and/or transform matter through time and space by altering the informational component of the quantum waves defining the mass in question. See psionics.
Telekinesis can only be achieved when an individual has understood the principles of psionics.
by Mystikan July 2, 2004
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there really is no spoon
the creepy bald kid in the Matrix had telekinesis
by shtoink November 6, 2006
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The ability to import/export/traffic drugs without ever touching them.
I got those telekinesis powers dog, I never touch the white.
by DownSouthPosted December 26, 2005
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the ability of moving objects with mind without physical contact using psychic energy
Most psychics can easily develop telekinesis
Move the pen using telekinesis
by Billiam Beaver June 6, 2016
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ability to control mana or lifeforce in the air. it can be moved softened hardened and many other things
Telekinesis can soften the impact of a long fall.
by dacemage June 16, 2008
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