compete for something; engage in contest; measure oneself against others
The Hunger Games, a perfect place to contend against competitors.
by #1darkhorsefan July 23, 2014
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a game that is played along side the imagine game where by competitors would chose those who they see fit as being possible contenders for winning a competition of the world nerdiest lost cunt.
KYS1: fuck check that cunt who just walked in such a lost cunt!!
KYS2: yep that cunt is definaly a contender
by mres April 2, 2003
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that doufas is a fucking lost cunt
yeh, hes a contender
by amen April 3, 2003
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A chicken nugget tougher than any other chicken nugget overcooked and ready to rise to the top. Eye of the tiger Rocky Balboa material. A real clock puncher ready to put in the work to make it to the top from chicken little to commando gung ho Kung foo fighting chicken tender
I wanted to be a star.. I wanted to be a contender... But look I'm barely able to pull my weight with the mcnuggets... Why..yy..yy
by bushlight September 24, 2017
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An individual who seems to be wanting to recieve/ Is in contention to recieve an Anti Social Behavioural Order (ASBO)
A youth who is seen commiting an Anti Social act such as Riding his/ her mini motorbike or spitting in the street.
by fishthatwalks August 8, 2005
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(1) An individual, object or situation that is either involuntarily or voluntarily not part of a tournament. This could be due to an injury; not meeting the standards and requirements of the tournament; or, in the case of an individual, he/she is actively able to decide to remain out of the tornament. Generally, objects and situations do not have the conscious choice of being an anti-contender, however, an individual has the liberty to choose whether or not they wish to be a participant.

(2) an individual who enjoys playing board games, strategy games and sport related games but does not participate or wish to be involved in playing games with people's lives, including their own. Generally a very straightforward person who can not watch another's life being played with and doesn't appreciate their own being made a toy.
(1) i. The javelin snapped just 5 minutes prior to the tournament and was immediately called out as an anti-contender for the entire comp.
ii. Tiger Woods fell ill days before the PGA tour and thought he'd best sit out as an anti-contender for the rest of the tournament.

(2) i. Peta loves playing basketball for the school team and bingo during her spare time but she does not play dangerous games with peoples lives. She enjoys board games but doesn't believe in gaming with life.
p1: "Peta, you can dunk a ball well but you're an anti-contender..."
Peta: "Yeah... that's just the way i am. To me, we don't make a game out of life, we make a gift out of it."
p1: "Fair enough."
by 1whodoesntlikelifegames August 16, 2010
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