A man who came up with approximately 50% of all quotes used today.
"Let there be light"

-God famously quoting Mark Twain
by JJHOUSEE September 12, 2010
A slimy school for little boys who juul and fail their classes. Also why are the school colors so bad like come on guys
by Yes ma’am April 18, 2019
A man who spends most of his later years with underage girls.
oh look another mark twain is on tv.
by oh sheeeet November 27, 2010
Much like a hitler but used with seamen, creating the illusion of a white mustache
I gave Brett a Mark Twain while he was sleeping
by Mike-man October 30, 2005
This is the pen name of Samuel Clemens. Also, it is riverboat slang, meaning the water is deep enough for the boat.
by Horatio Gates June 3, 2005
Basically just a classy way to refer to a girls tits or more formally, her “breasts
God man, I can stop looking at Chelsea’s Mark Twain’s”

“Really man? She mad thicc, that’s what you’re looking at?”

“Yeah man, my eyes just gravitate bro”

“I’ll pray for you bro”

Feels bad man
by PotatoMasterJDM January 7, 2019
A Master bating method where someone else grabs your junk and you grab their hand to work your junk.
Jeremy was tired of feeling his own dick so he used chuck to perform the Mark Twain so Jeremy could get off
by WormforFish April 22, 2018