A phrase said when feeling puzzled, surprised, or shooketh by a certain situation;
"Good God that's one ugly child"

"It's hot Good God!"
by Rishatakaynalakashay July 15, 2017
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Something one would say when they are surprised with a really hot picture . One might also use this in a derogatory way if something bad happens but usually used when they’re eyes are blessed
good God ! That girl had that fat ass

good God this is too much homework

She just sent me nudes good God
by Blacky Chan September 4, 2018
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what my reaction to life is 24/7
person 1: hey u got an f on ur tes-

me: good FUCKING god
by hannnish November 29, 2019
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Saying after prayer in floribama shore, used to thank the lord for the meal they are about to receive
Thank you lord for blessing us with this food, good food good meat good god let’s eat
by stephani_pie_ July 24, 2020
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when you eat your breakfast while on the toilet
Hila: Ethan why have you been in the bathroom for so long?

Ethan: Good morning, God bless.
by rhsone April 7, 2018
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Going into the bathroom with some egg salad and a coffee, and just shit and have your breakfast on the john.

It was originally coined in by h3h3 when he was asked to make the act of shitting and drinking coffee in a communal bathroom less taboo.
John: Man, the bathroom has been backed up for ages thanks to Jerry. He's doing a Good Morning & God Bless
Adam: 'good morning and god bless'?
John: That's when you shit, drink coffee, and eat breakfast on the toilet.
Adam: That sounds like a good morning to me honestly!
by kboof April 7, 2018
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