group of australian guys known for their loutish behaviour and scallywag antics
"get out of here you bloody hoons"
"those hoons are at it again"
by robism July 07, 2004
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A vulgar alternative to the word "cunt".
The prime minister in an utter hoon.
Or, I drank 8 pints of lager and got completely hooned.
by stoudman April 13, 2009
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hoon (n) a vulgar type often male, a hooligan
(V) to hoon, to act in an unacceptable way
Did you see that bloody hoon last night hooning about in his Holden?
by tvc15 June 11, 2003
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A person with a hatred for fresh rubber. Let it be senseless burnouts or highly perfected drifting. A Hoon is the singular form of Hoonigan.
Dude 1: Ey man why is ur face covered in black dust?

Dude 2: Just got new tires, had to slay them...

Dude 1: Ur such a 'Hoon'
by e_DIRTY6 July 31, 2013
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Hoon (verb)

The word hoon has many uses, much like the word fuck
It can be applied to many actions, and generally denotes the domination of that action.
"I could really hoon a burger right about now"

"shall we hoon?" - (caution! Can mean "leave this place" or "have sex")

"yeah man, i hooned her good"

"that guy was hooning around town in his car all night"

"sweet, i'll hoon round to your place soon"

"lets hoonbuckle" (go from here)
by H.Rose January 22, 2009
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A joint.

other related words: hooning, hoon and tune, moneyhoon, hooneytunes, ahoonamatata,
Me: Yo g wanna smoke a hoon?
Friend: Yeah boi let's hoon it up
Me: We should have smoked that hoon, I'm hooned out boy
by Hoonboy December 10, 2018
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