to travel at a high velocity, preferrably in a car.
He fucking hooned it down that straight!
by Danger mouse February 12, 2004
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A person with a hatred for fresh rubber. Let it be senseless burnouts or highly perfected drifting. A Hoon is the singular form of Hoonigan.
Dude 1: Ey man why is ur face covered in black dust?

Dude 2: Just got new tires, had to slay them...

Dude 1: Ur such a 'Hoon'
by e_DIRTY6 July 31, 2013
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group of australian guys known for their loutish behaviour and scallywag antics
"get out of here you bloody hoons"
"those hoons are at it again"
by robism July 07, 2004
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A vulgar alternative to the word "cunt".
The prime minister in an utter hoon.
Or, I drank 8 pints of lager and got completely hooned.
by stoudman April 13, 2009
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hoon (n) a vulgar type often male, a hooligan
(V) to hoon, to act in an unacceptable way
Did you see that bloody hoon last night hooning about in his Holden?
by tvc15 June 11, 2003
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a large hoon or biffta is a big skunk joint of the highest quality
i fancy a big juicy hoon, i am going home to have a big hoon and pass out, pass me that hoon
by hoonman October 18, 2011
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