a group of young men driving fast or erratically in a sideways manner or with wheels spinning
like all "p" plate drivers in australia that buy a commodore
"look at those hoons in the crapadores!"
"hear that? thats the sound of some more hoons in their V6 commodores"
by eugene87 June 24, 2007
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A word used to describe a person who uses cars, motorcycles, or marine power vessels for recreation and fun instead of getting from A to B.
Bystander: "Wow that man is enjoying himself letting the power of his beast lay rubber all over the road whilst the car moves at an extremly dangourous speed of about 2Km/H!"

Cop/Granny/Journalist: "Arrest that hoon at once! they are having too much fun!"
by that red toyota that flew past January 08, 2009
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Slang term for a cigarette. Popularized by Donnie Does of Barstool Sports who is a correspondent living in China for the emerging news source.
What's up buddy, wanna go crank some hoons?
by Otown147 August 16, 2017
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to travel at a high velocity, preferrably in a car.
He fucking hooned it down that straight!
by Danger mouse February 12, 2004
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a large hoon or biffta is a big skunk joint of the highest quality
i fancy a big juicy hoon, i am going home to have a big hoon and pass out, pass me that hoon
by hoonman October 18, 2011
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