way beyond the point of simply being drunk, the act of surpassing the drunk, hammered and wasted stages. flirting with actual paralysis
harry you are www.hooned.com/fucked
by J D tizzle October 18, 2007
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Not simply the act of getting drunk.

To get hooned is to become extremely drunk when originally the intention was not there
Last night Joe and I went to a friends house to have dinner and we woke up this morning in a barn, we got so hooned!
by Waffamonkey October 07, 2011
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Being in a state where your total lack of body control (normally caused by excess intake of alcohol or drugs) makes you more vulnerable to embarassing or compromising situations
He was so hooned he ended up in a police station that night.
by Flaccus January 28, 2009
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the act of getting seriously drunk on a weekend, especially on a exeat, saturday night, pub leave at the dew drop. good times all round eastbourne collgege
asdf asdf hooned asdf
by sdajhfoiauehfpuiahw October 12, 2007
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The act of being a hoon or driving recklessly, racing, doing burnouts etc.
Hey Blake, I'm feeling the need for speed and want to burn some rubber, you wanna come hooning?
by Kiwi Jones June 27, 2010
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In New Zealand slang, a hoon is a puff of a vape or e-cigarette - the equivalent of a drag of a regular cigarette. Some people may refer to the vape itself as a hoon or a hoonage.
Oi Brandon can I have a hoon bro”
by Sulfur Sea Sponge June 08, 2019
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