Dutch slang word for 'fight' (as a noun, not as a verb), possibly originated from Suriname.
Wrong: You don't want to fittie with me!
Right: Yesterday, she had a huge fittie with her boyfriend.
by ceciiile September 28, 2009
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such a hot girl that you would die if u were with. dani verrall epitomises what it is to be a 'fittie'
danica rose verrall
she a fittie
by me.bird July 21, 2008
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word originating in liverpool mean sum1 who iz VERY shagable
OMG e iz a bit of afittie
by la scouser August 25, 2003
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"Have you seen Nirali Shah recently?"

"Yeah, she's a fitty fitty!"

"I know, right!!!"
by Knargle February 10, 2012
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Someone who is insanely attractive and fit cos they did exercise like running, circuits and core.
Gosh, i want that Fitty strutting round Soho so so bad.
by Sohoho March 13, 2022
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compliment: aimed at young females (Strikly between the ages of 17 and 29)
with a desirable figure combination of breast and bum at least 8+/10 (Akbar sliding scale).
Summers here did yhou see the fitty in the skirt?

The party was crammed with fitties (pl)
by Admiral Akbar April 22, 2005
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