when a person is so far gone on a drug that they can no longer control themselves and lapse into a deep sleep from which they remember nothing of what happened.

The water is not gentle though it is a mental and physical state to avoid. A sensation like one is dying is typically felt. also people recall before they black out that they felt like they would lose control of their mind and body.

it is best to stay out of the water ladies and gentlemen...
Tim: "that chick just had six blunts 17 shots and now she's passed out on the floor"
John: "ya... she's in the water"
by a rochos June 13, 2011
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pcp. a drug that can be used for dipping.
dip a cigarette in the vial of pcp and smoke the wet part.
you better not f*** with them fools thats gone off that water water
by XenomuZ December 5, 2006
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Conejo: Carnal: Mad heads be askin' for water and no one's got any of that shit!

Delito: Patience mijo! That shit's still wet and it's gotta sit! It's gonna be here tomorrow. Give 'em some of that moon stuff for the time being.
by ZXY&ABC July 21, 2019
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Billy: damn this water is good
Bob: yeah , too good
Joe: yumm
by You know what I mean March 20, 2020
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Why did you put ice in this?!?! I wanted water water!!
by LCameron24 March 24, 2011
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