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The act of being a hoon or driving recklessly, racing, doing burnouts etc.
Hey Blake, I'm feeling the need for speed and want to burn some rubber, you wanna come hooning?
by Kiwi Jones June 27, 2010
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What a miserable day; it’s absolutely hooning it down out there.
by Roydon Liz August 14, 2019
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The act of hooning consists of rubbing one's chin in an inquisitive matter when placed in a nchtr situation
"Did you see Chaebae hooning earlier today?" "Nah I missed it because I was trying to please the cat judge"
by B4S3D G4WD May 10, 2016
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In New Zealand slang, a hoon is a puff of a vape or e-cigarette - the equivalent of a drag of a regular cigarette. Some people may refer to the vape itself as a hoon or a hoonage.
Oi Brandon can I have a hoon bro”
by Sulfur Sea Sponge June 9, 2019
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1. To travel at speed in a confined area, or do burnouts on a public road in traffic ..
2. To show off in a dagerous manner, mostly with a vehicle or engine powered item ..
Look at that bloody dangerous hoon!!
by Onetrack March 18, 2004
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According to the New South Wales Government in Australia, anyone who drives more than 10km/h.
Narrator: This Week on A Current Affair
Grimshaw: Hoon jailed and fined 1 million dollars and lost license today for driving at 50km/h.
Experts (flipping pages in front of a bookshelf): Speeding kills!
Random Bogan: Bloody P Plate Hoons killing everyone!
*Pictures of mangled cars*
Politically correct guy: What about the children!
Normal Guy: Speed limits are just revenue rai- *gets cut off*
Grimshaw: Next week on a current affair...
by Mycarstopspeedisonly180kmph:( December 27, 2012
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Jim: “Yo man, you got any cigarettes I can smoke?”
Johnny: “Yeah bro. You tryna crank these hoons out back?”
by Crankinhoons December 25, 2017
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