Sometimes used instead of "very" in parts of Donegal and Northern Ireland. Can also mean "terrible". Usually has a negative connotation. May come from the word "wild".
"It's wile cold outside today."
"He stole a car? That's wile."
by CiaramcN November 15, 2006
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To misbehave in a very energetic and uncontrolled manner.
The crystal methamphetamine and shots of tequila caused Earnie to wile in the parking lot, running from car to car maniacally smashing windows.
by CrazyNebraskan August 28, 2004
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to act afool
Edward felt the need to wile-out after consuming to much gin & juice
by Vin March 14, 2004
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Often used in connection to enthusiastically dancing or partying to hip hop music; having an extremely good time in a party setting. Usually used in conjunction with the preposition "out," ie. "wiling out."
Possible origins: The term "wiles," used to describe an alluring or seductive manner.
"Winding," used in island culture and music to describe a type of dancing often performed to reggae music, may also be at the root of "wiling out."
"We were drinking Bacardi, grinding with these fine ladies to some MVP, taking shots from the ice luge on the beach... we were wiling out, man!"
by Camille April 6, 2005
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Hardcore, maximally extreme
That was wiling, bro!
by Willmyster February 26, 2008
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Of or relating to the coolest, most happenin' dude on the internet.
Man, I was with this girl the other night and I pulled a Wiles on her and she totally gave me a BJ!
by Polish Prince December 24, 2003
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