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Sometimes used instead of "very" in parts of Donegal and Northern Ireland. Can also mean "terrible". Usually has a negative connotation. May come from the word "wild".
"It's wile cold outside today."
"He stole a car? That's wile."
by CiaramcN November 15, 2006
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by AxonL July 20, 2021
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To misbehave in a very energetic and uncontrolled manner.
The crystal methamphetamine and shots of tequila caused Earnie to wile in the parking lot, running from car to car maniacally smashing windows.
by CrazyNebraskan August 28, 2004
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Of or relating to the coolest, most happenin' dude on the internet.
Man, I was with this girl the other night and I pulled a Wiles on her and she totally gave me a BJ!
by Polish Prince December 24, 2003
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to act afool
Edward felt the need to wile-out after consuming to much gin & juice
by Vin March 13, 2004
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The most amazing and brilliant, albeit slightly neurotic poet. A true champion of soccer and hearts. A novice in mastication but a genius of the mind.

Ex. "When you're feeling sick,
And there's nothing you can do;
A boyfriend you will find,
Who will always care for you.
I would say "get well soon",
But it wouldn't be enough.

Cause you mean a lot to me,
More than you can snot!"
My boyfriend is Wiles.
by BABEKAKE November 21, 2011
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An adjective or pro-noun used to describe a tool who manages to act like an enormous puss puss at the same time. Can also be used as a verb, or purely for emphasis of the tool-ish nature of the person.
Mateeeee, you're really wiles-ing it up at the moment.
Chins wiles.
That lad is such a wiles, he can jog right on.
by Steve_109 June 16, 2010
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