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mmmmmm delicious cancer sticks that have kept many people from dying
man im gonna kill someone if i dont get a smoke soon
by derek July 25, 2004
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the state of being unbelievably crumbly, or just unbelievable
Steve: So how's the army treatin' ya?
Derek: It's good, real good.
Steve: Crumbelievable!
by derek May 21, 2006
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1) A medication for ADHD or ADD that chills you out.

2) A joint rolled with Adderall that really fucks you up if you do not have ADD.
1) "woowowowowowowow" Man, that kid needs to take his Adderall.

2) Man pass that adderall blunt over here, g.
by derek January 22, 2005
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An engaging and attractive automaton, typically designed by a reclusive scientist, created with the purpose of seducing women via webcam chat rooms.
Seduction Bot: I think you're really pretty.
<Scientist enters frame with enthusiastically flowery hand movements before chat ends>
Girl: What? <Leaves chat>
by derek May 8, 2008
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pleasuring a woman with youe goatee
once i gave her goat pleasure i knew she'd be comin back for more
by derek August 26, 2004
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A concept outside America that is used commonly as a slogan among enviromentalists, some politicians and the like. Recycling is when someone takes used paper, tin cans, milk jugs and the like to a recycling bin so it can be cruched down by machines to be a new product. However a few of the posters here tend to use it as a sex term. And oh a decent source of cash if you need that few extra cents.
Jerry stole the bottles in the recycle bin in his school and traded it off at the recycling center so he could get a few extra dollars.
by derek October 30, 2005
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