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A word once usedto describe something great. All things previously described as such are great, but all things described post-now are not great, unless the use of manly is inadvertent. See also The Derek-Ness
(Previously) The Punisher is so fucking manly.

(Now) The Punisher is so fucking manly. Oops, I mean awesome.
by derek December 30, 2005
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A common typo for insomniacs in yahoo chats for the popular abbreviation "lol". Especially imbarassing when other typos follow.
by derek January 9, 2004
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The most awesome possible way to say the word "left," as inspired by Thirst from those Sprite commercials.
"I'mma be ova heah on my leff...gettin' mah drink on!"
by derek August 31, 2004
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LHJ-Lotion hand job. When a female gives you a hand job using lotion.
Using pre-warmed lotion a female places lotion on her hands and gives you LHJ, lotion hand job.
by derek June 19, 2006
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bastardization of keke, which is a bastardization of hehe, which is more or less a chuckle. Used online and only online. Refer to rooflesfor more insight
OMG keekles!
by derek November 26, 2003
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lesbian pride to like lesbians for life
what up biotch l.p. for life
by derek December 2, 2004
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