Phobe- A person who doesn't like Homosexuals, transgender, and otherwise gay people.
Example 1:

Dude1: Hey dude you see those gay dudes over there. Nasty

Dude2: Dude.. you're such a phobe

Example 2:

Dude1: Hey, I hear that hot chick, was a man before. That's just sick

Dude: Once again.. you're a freakin' phobe.
by Kanka_akujo September 19, 2005
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Someone who is afraid of a certain thing.
Many people are friggen furryphobes, because they think they have sex with dogs.
by Anon August 23, 2003
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A person who is scared of many things, if not all things. An example would be a homophobic technophobic pussy, who is scared of the homos, and doesn't know how to use FTP.
Don't worry about Ben, he's just a phobe. He can stay here while we go out and indulge in some mildly risky recreational activities.
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That camper is annoying.
Yeah they're a phobe

Eww that horse just phobed on me.
by CampHelper July 12, 2009
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a square, as in the opposite of a hipster (hipster in the non derogatory sense). they dress preppy, they try to be sophisticated, they are very close-minded
"that cat just don't dig our scene, what a phobe"
by sherloque the nihilist February 20, 2008
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Noun- Someone who is afraid of anyone that differs from themselves. Someone who is homophobic, islamaphobic, etc.

A person that lets fear run their life.
"Trump sure rallied the phobe vote this election."
by Godthirteen February 25, 2017
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