Someone who disapproves of homosexuality because they are disgusted by the act of two people of the same gender having sexual relations but claim that the reason of their disapproval is because it says something in the Bible.

John; "Gee Roger, you sound awfully homophobic."
by ih8uplzdie December 18, 2004
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Golly, this is something that I really hate. It is a flaw in society, to judge others for their love life, their taste, and their lifestyles. Homophobia is a fear of homosexuals (homo--man; phobia--fear) and some may not except gays and lesbians because they never met any, they think it's disgusting, or usually, they are bible thumpers. Most of the time, I think people that are homophobic are close-minded and can't accept others for being different. I'm heterosexual, I don't see anything wrong with homosexuals, but some homophobs tend to be scared of them obviously and literally.
Matt: "Your gay!"

Lexine: "Well, your a close-minded idiot!"
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Something society has a problem with. Anyways time for me to rant lol >:D. Anyway here's the rant lol(warning: swearing and spitting facts lol):

As a pre-teen who is LGBTQ+ (i'm actually skoliosexual and a bit intersex; but i'm asexual cuz I'ma pre teen u boomer lol)and in the community, seeing hate and discrimination going on is not OK in my perspective.
This isn't ok. Stop using god and the bible for a reason to hate; christ did not say anything about lgbtq+ in the bible so f**k off.

Everyone including our children should be allowed and not be scared to express themselves without any judgement or bullying/hartred. Nobody wants to live in a homophobic society. Also i can see it's not just gays getting hate; it's also transpeople ( and other ppl too) and yet people keep calling them so called "gay" lol. How is it gay you stupid mf; the kid or person did not say anything about them being attracted to men you f**king stupid mf. Homosexuality is not a f**king mental disorder; it's how you feel also what kind of stupid retard would come up with this lol🤣😂.
And i don't really don't care about likes and dislikes; if you wanna dislike then that's ok but just read the rant again honeybun~ ;).
Tom's bf: That homophobic b**ch called tom a faggot i'ma kick their sorry ass
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by Dankmemesboi_06 May 15, 2021
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Smart People: Wow, i guess me and jesus were right, homophobic people support the lords way
by morality February 28, 2008
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Asshole with nothing better to do than make people feel bad for how they are born and who they like.

Their lives seem to be negatively effected when other people are treated equally.
Boris: Look at callum! He's such a fag. Being gay is wrong!
Daniel: Fight me homophobe! Stop being homophobic. It's OK to be gay.
by reggaemuffin25 March 03, 2015
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(adj., also n. homophobe) That attitude or information which causes one to react with revulsion at the sight of naked queens prancing through the street seeking chickens to molest.
You are a Republican? You are SOOOO homophobic!!!
by Etymoligizer October 05, 2007
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