When you and your nigga/bitch finally come to realization that it's time to stop fucking around and become one
Me and Katy are settling down.
by Blaaaahblaaah July 8, 2015
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It means to get married or commit to a monogamous relationship; probably the two most indicative words for the situation itself, born of a word that can mean "to move downward; sink, or descend," "to subdue," and "to conclude," and a word that means the "opposite of up."

"Man looks like Lester finally had to settle down and give up the player lifestyle...man, and settle isn't wrong!"

by Clint October 9, 2005
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when ross is tring to sniff ur missus biffon,
you say "come on , settle down"
by catzo lungo May 26, 2003
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verb. seh-tul down - 1) to stop knocking some one's fork on the floor especially at a cracker barrel. 2) to stop laughing uncontrollably to the point of endangering people within the area.
"Colleen will you please settle down. My fork has hit the ground 6 times already!"
by Xwhite chocolateX January 10, 2010
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To settle down is to stop being a fuck boy or fuck girl and getting your shit together by taking the next serious step in a relationship
Pepe and Maria have settled down with each other and are now in a serious relationships
by Llamalover6968 February 4, 2016
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Spoken by Butthead to Beavis when he gets all crazy and stuff. Can be used to calm down anyone who's ranting.
by Grand August January 10, 2009
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easily one of the best collab channels on youtube, consisting of joey gatto, josh sobo, jonah green (aka god), adam & nick buongiovanni (twins), ryan abe, and joe santagato. Abbreviated SDK (not to be confused with software development kits which is what comes up when you search sdk indirects on twitter)
look for a new settle down kids vlog up every weekday 'cept sunday!
by demilegatto February 2, 2014
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