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The fear that gay men will treat you the way you treat women.
-"This random guy just came up to me and told me I was cute. WTF is up with that? I should have kicked his ass."
-"Sounds like you have a case of homophobia to me."
by Mattyb0i December 13, 2011
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An irrational fear of going home.
Homophob(ic) one who is reluctant for the evening to end and finally go home and face what is/not there.
Can describe one who is aware that 'home is not where the heart is, but where the tax bill is' and is reluctant to cross that threshold.
"Hey, where are we going now?"

"Whoa, it's 3pm, we've been going solid since yesterday lunch"

"Uhuh, so where are we going now?"

"I diagnose acute homophobia my friend"

"Look a taxi.."
by footfarmer October 01, 2005
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homo pho preference other than victual
His homophobia is his choice. He prefers his pho large, meaty, and spooned into him via his nethers.
by inchoative freightage December 31, 2012
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SHOULD mean:

1. fear of things that are the same

if you look at the basic meanings of its Greek roots:

but in everyday usage means:

2. fear of homosexuals

Or, possibly:

3. condition where one person has the same fears as someone else
1. With his homophobia, he can't look at a bunch of paperclips or go to a prep school without freaking out.

2. My homophobia restricts me from watching most home improvement TV shows.

3. We're both claustrophobic, making us homophobic as well.
by WombatAscension June 13, 2004
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A severe condition, usually prominent in Republicans and most of American culture, leading one to:
- innacurately use bible quotings for the justification of killing homosexuals
- restrict the rights of millions
- hide in their rooms crying if they looked at the nude body of one of the same gender and did not vomit
- insessantly call things "Gay"
My mom won't let me go out for the big ethnicity-bashing because of my cerfew! That is so GAY!
by =^..^= February 20, 2005
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Fear that gay people will become as promiscuous as the Mormons reputedly are, thus shutting down the sanctity of the entire institution of marriage, the latter being strongly tied to religious reasoning (though religion itself should not be to blame; people of all walks support the Faith and none should be disrespected for it)

Also fear that your friend might actually be happier kicking it with some sweet, awesome guy instead of saying smack about that one girl whom your group of friends talks about as if she were a slut. Goodness forbid your friend should be happier being in love with a man instead of trying to get in her pants.

Don't hate. Remember the Civil Rights Movement? Remember the struggles blacks went through so they wouldn't be disrespected anymore in public? This is the exact same thing. Remember the discrimination post-911 that Muslims went through in the US? Was that just? No. Just because "fag", "nigga", and "a-rab" are popularized terms, doesn't make them right.
"Dude, I told my little bro not to be a fag, and he told me I had a case of hemophobia."
"I think he meant homophobia, and dude, he's right."
by Laurence7 February 08, 2009
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