Anti-conservative slur used by liberals to justify loathing Christians, Jews and adolescent males.

An accusation made by heterophobes against heterosexuals to justify their anti-straight bias.

A word overused by the same people who also claim that racism and sexism are as bad or worse today than even in the days of Nazi Germany.

Usually overused by the same yuppies that confuse Christians and Jews, who read the Bible with genocidal Germans from 1943.
The United States is a homophobic, sexist, racist society that deserved the 9-11 attacks.

Americans are nothing more than overweight, homophobic, white trash rednecks, who deserve to die in a terrorist attack.

You breeders are nothing but a bunch of redneck homophobes in the KKK.
by Assex 776 September 14, 2007
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adj. Having a fear of homes.
"I've been sleeping in my car and traveling through the country. I just can't stand the thought of settling down anywhere."
"Dude, stop being so homophobic!"
by bluegreengrass April 09, 2014
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Being excessively scared of houses.
Jon; Shit!

Bill; Calm down Jon, it's only a flat
Ed; You are really homophobic, aren't you
by Crimson Nightflame October 08, 2015
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Homophobia is a type of person that's phobic to something related to houses.
Person 1: Hey dude look at that awesome house!
Person 2: I'm homophobic !! screeches in agonising pain
by potatoyaro May 16, 2020
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-My Dad is a bit of a homophobic...
-Your dad is not a homophobic, he's just an asshole.
by D. Clue September 11, 2012
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A homophobic is an unholy person who doesn't accept the lovely community of the LGBTQ+.
I gagged while looking at the unholy homophobic.
by KanikoRika February 01, 2020
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It mean somebody who fears homosexual or gay people. People misuse this word. They think it means that a person hates gays. It doesn't you idiot. I don't think anyone is scared of gays. At least I'm not.
I am a homophobic, so whenever I am around one I always shiver up, and then I call the police.
by Kitty_Katty__ April 08, 2017
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