To be afriad of anything thats practically outside, our outside itself.
person 1: I never see person 3 ever leave his house
person 2: maybe he's agoraphobic
by mr x February 19, 2004
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technically a phobia that makes a person fear being outside of their known environment, usually brought on by traumatic distress.This is the most incomprehensible of all psychological illnesses. These are the lunatics that are afraid to leave their house, and when they finally try, they end up getting killed in some misfortunate incident. Which makes one wonder if living in fear may actually invite disaster?
Hey,I heard that agoraphobic got dicapitated in a motor vehicle accident last month!
by highclassbizzitch March 3, 2008
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A person who suffers from a generalized phobia or anxiety disorder characterized by having intense fear of places and situations that have become associated with panic attacks or panic.
Dick: Why don't we meet at Starbucks to work on the project?
Jane: I'd prefer we meet at home, I'm agoraphobic and try to avoid crowded places. I've had a panic attack in that Starbucks before.
by Unlikely81 June 4, 2017
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