a person who does not accept homosexuality(whether it be because of a bad history with or just personally does not agree with it)
I am a homophobic man, is there something wrong with that.
by ThatOneGuyThatKnowsAThingOrTwo February 12, 2017
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Someone who still believes in the Obama / Clinton pre-2012 election position on gay marriage.
A conservative. A believer in "traditional values" and heterosexuality as being biologically normal.
Mike: I just think that male with female is basic biology, and that the anus was not designed to be a sex organ. Marriage should remain as it has been for thousands of years and in almost all religions and cultures.
Bruce: You homophobic, intolerant, teabagger, Christian scum! People like you should be wiped off the Earth! Die, you Racistsexist homophobe!
by Caprico July 03, 2013
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Dislike, fear, hatred, prejudice and/or disapproval of gays and/or homosexuality, often (but not always) for religious reasons or because of insecurity about one's sexual orientation.

Many people who suffer from homophobia do not realize it and even deny it. Others will kill gays or make false accusations about them..
"He's homophobic. Not because he's scared of them, but because he hates them."
by Evsever May 30, 2020
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Jumping on a chair and screaming when you see a gay.

Oh, you thought I meant "homophobic", as in being an asshole.

Because "phobia" means scared, so you're homophobics are scared of gays.

So really, the people who hate gays and call them names are assholes.
person 1: Hey look, there's Chris.

person 2: *screams, jumps on a chair and whacks Chris with a broom"

person 1: What the hell?

person 2: what? He's gay! Help me!

person 1: Dude you're just homophobic.
by emo-alpacas-FTW July 18, 2012
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Homophobic is something that you shouldn’t be. I know I have said things that sound homophobic. But they are not meant to sound like that. It is an inside joke. Being homophobic is wrong and hurtful.
by Non homophobic, lgbt May 12, 2018
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being afraid of homosexuals or doing anything that might get u called one
by p3nis February 28, 2003
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Anger or hatred to same-sex couples or gays/lesbians. No, this does not mean you're scared of homosexuals because you'll feel anxious or scared, which I highly doubt will happen because you're really just being an asshole.
The gay couple was often teased and bullied by the homophobic teens and teachers at school.

Her homophobic parents would abuse her because they disapproved how she was dating another girl.
When he started dating John, his homophobic friends beat him up.
Ey was often harassed when ey was with her in public by the homophobic strangers passing them.
by FuCkYoU May 27, 2015
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