B-I just became famous!!!

J-Holy guacamole!!Can i go on tour with you?


J-Holy guacamole!!!Why not?

B-Because i dont like you!

J-Holy guacamole!!!

B-Stop saying that it's annoying!!!

J-Holy guacamole!!!

B-I'm leaving!!!

J-Holy guacamole!!!
by brzy4ever!! December 18, 2013
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Nathan: *tells a story of utter perplexity*
Jeff: "Holy guacamole!"
avocado that happened to be strolling past: "nah man. im an atheist."
by depressed_bin_chicken123 September 28, 2019
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To be extremly shocked; in shock.
Tonia walked up to Bridget and said "I'm gonna have to repeat the grade!!"

"HOLY GUACAMOLE!!", Bridget exclaimed.
by HOLYGUACAMOLE96 June 4, 2009
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A statement that can be loosely translated into "holy shit" or "holy cow" or anything that expresses extreme surprise.

Holy Guacamole is actually a restaurant in Santa Monica.
Wholly Guacamole is a brand of guacamole and other dips.
Jack: Hey Jill, lets go up the hill to fetch a pail of water!
Jill: OKAY!
(both go up the hill)
Jill: (trips)
Jack: HOLY GUACAMOLE! (trips)
by Omgeezus January 4, 2012
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Used as a replacement to "holy moly" or "holy crap"
Chad told alex "holy guacamole", you are effing gorgeous!
Alex said "holy what? you mean holy moly?"
Chad then said "Guacamole>moly, get with the program."
by chad900 July 20, 2013
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A less profane way of saying holy crap; a phrase to express astonishment.

A song by MF Doom featuring Paul Barmen.
Holy Guacamole, i think i wet myself!

Man, MF Doom and Paul Barmen need to make another song together, Holy Guacamole was awesome.
by -LSD- August 23, 2010
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