A mexican food made of avocado, tomato, onion, salt and sometimes chile. Usually put over tacos and tostadas.
Man, this guacamole is good!
by Jeda March 25, 2004
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A Mexican food made from mashed avocados, diced tomatoes, among other things. Green in color and lumpy in texture.
If you ever go to the El Meson restaurant in Freehold, NJ, make sure you order the guacamole.
by Bill Bellamy May 15, 2007
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Currency. Money. Cash. Refering to the green ink used on most U.S. currency bills.
"dude, this place doesn't take credit cards. Do you have any guacamole?"

"i just stopped at the ATM to pick up some guacamole for tonight"
by thatmarkguy April 10, 2008
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i told Jessica not to whipe back to front, now she's got guacamole all over her taco.
by Matthew April 22, 2005
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a code word for a woman's monthly 'special time'; normally used around the male species
Girl #1: hey gurl, guacamole!
Boy #1: huh? what r u girls talking about?
Gurl #2: o u wouldn't know cus ur a dude
Boy #2: u guys are lame
Girl #1: i like flowers, wait i hate them. unicorns r cool. not even! lameness!
Boy #2: Wat r u talking about?
Girl #1: shut up! leave me alone!
by t dino October 9, 2010
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The process of ripping off someones mole and chopping it up into tiny peaces while screaming, MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY!!!!!!!!!!!
The bloody mole! where not supposed to talk about the bloody mole but everytime i look theres the bloody mole winking me in the eye!!!!
by BalisticBob July 1, 2004
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