Stretch marks(or stria) are usually caused by rapid weight gain in a short period of time, pregnancy or muscle enlargement. Stretch marks are tiny tears in the dermis (the elastic, resilient middle layer) that form when the skin stretches. Stretch marks can form anywhere on the body where the skin is stretched but they most commonly form on the breasts(for women), hips, abdomine, inner thighs, buttox, behind the knees and on the arms. Stretch marks start out as a reddish/purpleish colour but with time they heal and fade to whiteish coloured scars. Stretch marks mostly occur in women during pregnancy or girls going through puberty and growth spurts. They can also occur in men who gain weight, strength train(common among body builders)and can happen during growth. They are perfectly natural and very common so don't be ashamed if you have them-- most women and men do. Unfortunately there is not anything that can completely or permantely remove or get rid of stretch marks. Certain creams can help lighten the appearance of them but they will always be there. Ones on the abdomine or arm can be removed with a tummy tuck/arm tuck and toning the parts of the body with stretch marks can help tighten the skin, making them less visible. Until scientists discover a definite way to get rid of them, they are there forever. So learn to accept them as part of your body. Many people stress over these marks but they have no control over how their body adjusts to changes like this, so why stress? They are just scars that will become nearly invisible with time.
My mother has stretch marks on her abdomine after giving birth to two children.
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Completely normal, super common and nothing to be ashamed about.
"I love my stretch marks"
by thecoolkidthatwrotethis May 18, 2021
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Stretch marks Look likes scars/or veins,
When they first appear they are red and purple and can be engraved indented, stretch marks will fade out with time,

They are Caused from pregnancy/with sudden growth sperts and when repid weight loss Or gain occurs, basically they appear when there is not enough skin, or to much skin, for your weight!

Stretch marks are like scars in the respect that they will never completely disappear,
Things like bio-oil and coco nut oil do help fade them,

The only stretch marks that can be removed are the ones on the stomach, They can be removed with a tummy tuck,
The ones on your breats can be removed with a breast reduction or breast lift/ and on the ones on arms may me amendable, but will leave severe scaring from the operation
Stretch marks can appear - On the abdominal/ hips / behind the knees/ on arms/ ass and breats!

Also if you are a normal weight and havent had a sudden change in body shape or anything, see your dr and ask for a blood test to make sure your stretch marks arent appearing because of something to do with your hormons,

Go to the dr now befor you get anymore

To all the women out there Don't worry they do fade!!!
by Dr May 5, 2004
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A form of scarring generally associated with pregnancy, obesity, bodybuilding, and — to a lesser extent — puberty. They come about as skin is overstretched, disrupting the normal production of collagen. They first appear as reddish or purplish lines, but tend to gradually fade to a lighter color.
Can appear anywhere on the body skin has been stretched, in males and females. The majority of people have them, but regardless, they cause most people shame and emotional distress. Some people choose to make the best of them and wear them as type of badge of honor.
While lotions and creams haven't been proven to be totally effective in removing stretch marks, they can be removed through surgery. Arm lifts can remove ones on the arm; breast lifts can remove some on the breast; tummy tucks can removed the ones on the stomach and hips; and thigh lifts can remove the ones on the inner thigh. Ones not removed by surgery (i.e.-breasts, butt, back of knees, etc.) can possibly be removed by laser, however; there is no gurantee.
Stretch marks suck :(...but can be removed :)!
by Blue Zebra April 16, 2007
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Something that is totally disgusting and I feel fat having them, I'm too afraid to be touched for fear of rejection.
They appear on Your Hips, breasts, arms and behind the knees. Stretch Marks Suck.
by runawayhoe July 14, 2009
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Let's just say when I give you stretch marks, it has nothing to do with pregnancy... or your stomach ;)
by DirtyBoy654 February 10, 2010
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