A girl who lives everyday like it’s her last. She’s a very caring, thoughtful, daring, sporty, and all around exciting person to be around. Especially with that consistent smile. She’ll always have the boys running, but will never boost herself on that matter. She loves animals, traveling, and going out. Normally a Bridget will have brown hair with hazel eyes but can rock any look she goes for! She enjoys circling herself around many friends and is kind to everyone she meets. She’s very funny and loves telling embarrassing stories about herself that people can laugh with her about. Any guy could go crazy about her.
Guy 1: Who’s that girl over there?
Guy2: Oh that’s Bridget she’s the best!
Guy 1: She has a great aurora about her.
Guy 2: Yeah, I’ve never met a girl like her before. She’s incredible!
by Mashadi jews August 11, 2018
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a girl with this name is not only everyone’s friend but she is the most loyal and trustworthy friend you could have. she is the type of girl who will listen to your problems and let you rant and ramble but she also wont put up with peoples bullshit. she wont talk behind your back as or eat away at the drama because she is simply too good for that. she has a big booty even though she hates it. bridget can be shy but around the peopel she is most comfortable with she is crazy and constantly jokes about everything. she has so much sass and her laugh makes everyone else laugh. the way her face lights up and every expression she makes, you can instantly feel what shes feeling. you will never find someone as good as a bridget. they are rare. and they are loved by everyone.
person one: “Bridget is so beautiful i hate it.”
person two: “ i wish i could be Bridget she is amazing!”
person three: “ i love Bridget there is no friend like her”
by shakittabanana April 5, 2018
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A girl who loves life. She is an extremely talented musician, daring, sporty, determined, and intelligent. Will get the boys crazy. Not a girly-girl, but isn't always a tomboy either. Loves animals, and can do any kind of hair style. Can have brown hair and hazel eyes, and will make you die laughing whether with her awesome personality or her stories. Any guy would be lucky to have her.
Guy 1: Who's that new girl?
Guy 2: That's Bridget. isn't she amazing?
Guy 1: Yeah... I've never seen on like her before...
Guy 2: She pretty unique. I think she's the only one so amazing.
by landshark59 January 18, 2013
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Bridget or Brigid is a female name of Celtic/Irish origin. The name is taken from the Irish word "brígh" meaning "power, strength, vigor, virtue".
St. Brigid is also the female patron saint of Ireland and is the patron saint of Co. Kildare in the Leinster province, one of the four provinces of Ireland.
" Hey, which Irish class are you in, Bridget?"

" When is St. Brigid's day?"
by Shy-and-GhostRed February 28, 2015
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Sweetest, Prettiest, Most Intelligent girl! She is a hopeless romantic and just makes you smile with every word she says. She has big plans with her life and won't let anyone get in the way. She has a big heart and a thing for helping others. Music is a HUGE part of her life. Everytime you see her, a smile is forced upon your face.
Why are you so wonderful?!
Cause I'm Bridget, duh!
by HannyBanany03 February 27, 2011
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Bridget is a wonderful person with a beautiful heart. She is caring and looking out for others. She is beautiful and intelligent, and a great friend to everyone around her.
Lea: Wow, you are the best!
Bridget: Obviously, I'm Bridget
by VERONICAAAAAAA July 14, 2018
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Bridget is usually nice and beautiful. She can lift your day with her niceness. She loves music and is very bright. She's above average and athletic. She has a fantastic smile. She has long hair and hazel eyes, and skinny and tall. She's also happy and is up for anything. She is a great friend. If you are friends with her, feel lucky! She's one of a kind!
by Sam Moseburger February 8, 2014
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