Caring, sensitive, nurturing, has the capability to get over angered. Do not piss off.
Tonia was so loving until that ass pissed her off
by withoutatrace December 21, 2016
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Refers to chicks who are incredibly hot, insanely awesome, and usually the most popular person around. Anyone who talks to a Tonia will immediately become cool for atleast 5 minutes before the coolness wears off.

May have tendancies to hide in a sheep costume
Guy A: Man, see that chick, she's totally a Tonia
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A beautiful woman that you could fall head over heels for that has an awesome personality
Guy 1:who is that walking over there??
Guy2:oh her, that’s tonia dude
Gu1: give me min I will be right back
by Howdareu August 24, 2019
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Another word for the colour yellow.
Also represents the suger puff monster on occasions.
Girl: nice yellow jeans
Boy: yeah theyre so Tonia!
by Hannahkelly October 25, 2007
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Normally the BestFriend of Tawana! Tonia is strong willed and puts others before herself! Also has a big heart but doesn’t let people mess with her. She will fight back not physically but she will use humor! Soulful, also lover of jazz, goofy, selfless, caring, easygoing, generous, hard-working, faithful, and most importantly a virtuous woman! Willing to fight for anyone she loves, embraces people with the best hugs, can hear her laugh, voice, and feel her spirit and heart from a mile away! One of the best mothers out there!!!!!!
Her and Tawana were like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper and Pooh and honey! They loved each other so much! They kept each other’s heart young! Even as adults they had sleepovers! There children became siblings with a quickness! Even when they were separated they still looked for each other!
There love for each other was strong that time can’t keep them apart!
Tonia and Tawana are inseparable!
I need a Tonia to make me laugh right now!
by DancerForGod April 29, 2020
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Very beautiful girl and very caring. She will always be by your side no matter what. She gets angry easily but is the best friend anyone could have. Always there to cheer you up. Maybe she doses show it but she loves you and cares about you a lot.
Tonia is the best friend anyone could have
by Emma1029 November 12, 2020
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