an expression used to express an overwhelming emotion with extra flair and dramatization.

often used before mock fainting.

can also be used as another word for saying; "hug me."
person 1; "are you okay you look a bit pale..."

person 2; "i think i'm going to faint... hold me."
by fuck_nugget_amurrica July 7, 2013
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verb - the act of having someone's back, or watching out for a person(s) safety -
Those niggas wanted to kick my ass in the club, but DeMontrell was there to hold me down.
by Tru-damie August 24, 2006
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This phrase is said when a person tries to retaliate at another person who did or said something to provoke them.
Person A: It's Mr Steal-Yo-Girl!
Person B: *grabs innocent bystander* HOLD ME BACK! HOLD ME BACK!
by jewmadbro November 9, 2013
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A small snack you eat when your hungry but don’t want to ruin your dinner, just something to hold you over until your next main meal.
Oh man I’m hungry but don’t want to ruin my dinner, I need a hold me over!
by Hosen March 10, 2019
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Verb -- a term used to surreptitiously convey over a recorded phone line the need to have someone add funds to a prisoner's commissary account
"Yo, tell my moms she needs to hold me down so I can buy some Kools"
by RealClose March 1, 2017
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Hold me closer tony danza is a phrase people (aka me and my friends)use when my true stupidity shows. This is when I think the words to an Elton John song is "hold me closer tony danza" instead of "hold me closer tiny dancer" and now this phrase can be used to mock your friend's true stupidity at any moment in time. After your friends say something stupid you just say "Oh my god, hold me closer tony danza"
An example could be after your friend says something like Oh my god your lawn has stripes" when really your lawn only had "stripes" due to a shadow. After they say that you say, "Oh my god, hold me closer tony danza"
by Kiki Marsh August 1, 2006
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to borrow something, usually a small amount of money that will probably not be returned
yo let me hold that ten dollars

Sorry, I ain't got

by GAANZ June 17, 2008
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