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Referring to objects such as jewelery, cars, or an item of clothing that looks particularly good or fashionable at the time. It is usually rare or out of the ordinary and/or expensive.

It can also refer to drugs that are particularly purer and more potent than is usually readily available to most people most of the time
Yo, look at that Benz...thats the shit
by GAANZ June 17, 2008
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When in the course of a conversation one party communicates his or her total understanding of the particular topic or situation. This is often followed by some sort of action by that person that establishes an agreement and/or commitment to complete or follow through with a transaction in the very near future.
Yo, I got that piff that raw, holla at me

I already copped tonight, but ah mo hit you up tommorow

Aight, say no more, you already know

by GAANZ June 17, 2008
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to borrow something, usually a small amount of money that will probably not be returned
yo let me hold that ten dollars

Sorry, I ain't got

by GAANZ June 17, 2008
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