A symbol of acceptance in a origanized criminal origanization, A symbol of respect or enhancement of one's reputation on the streets.
by Jolene February 14, 2005
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another word for swagga, swagg, cool etc.
That nigga don't have no stripes, I got a better drink than you because i gat stripes, "Why you like him so much ?" " Because he gat stripes".
by jazamin July 30, 2011
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lines of cocaine prepared ready to be taken
"does anyone want one of these stripes?"
"i was so wired off them stripes last night!"
by ivor bigun January 20, 2008
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1. one of great annoyance and immaturity. 2. an Asian kid who thinks hes the shit but is hella ugly with fatass lips and trys to act emo. Thinks he can get any girl but when the right one comes his way is just another pussy. Flirts with the gayest shy girls.
3. A faggot to the extreme.
Girl and her friend are walking along to class.
Girl #1: eww shit its stripes!
Girl #2: damn stripes is hella stupid especially when he wears emo glasses.
Girl #1: wtf there are no good guys these days they all fucking stripes.
by so fah lie March 04, 2005
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Another name for the tear drop people get under their eye when the kill someone
Yeaha, I capped that nigga to get my first stripe.
by Clayton Jonesss September 19, 2008
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another name for a line of cocaine
John: "Are you coming the bog for a stripe lad?"
Dave: "Yeah go on then lad."
by TommyTackle February 06, 2010
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stripe meaning to cut someone with a blade, often a Stanly knife or cut throat razor, leaving stripes on their body or face.
Fuck off or I'll stripe you up!
by Fubar 1 February 21, 2012
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