having pale skin isnt a bad thing neither is having tan skin the problem is people obsessing over it in asia you see girl with the most white skin ever and they are praised upon it while here in america girls will go to drastic measures for bronze skin i say forget the pale and the tan but kno the inner beauty
tan skin is just as bueatiful as pale skin
by fran/cheska March 26, 2007
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i feel so pale lad wot happenend last night
by pat whelan November 30, 2006
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verb - to masturbate until one bleeds
Man, I really paled last night and had to get a bandaid by the time I was finished.
by sexo September 21, 2003
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The opposite of tanning.

To sit in a room with shades drawn allowing no sunlight in.

To hide away from all sunlight.

No fake tans.
Girl 1- Hey, why are you just sitting in that dark closet?


Girl 1- That's so weird...

Girl2- At least I'm not orange.
by Beerbatteredbeefcurtains December 24, 2009
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To be 'pale' for someone means to want to be their platonic soulmate, or their moirail. You want to be their best friend, and you want them to trust you. A non-romantic crush.
Fuck I'm really pale for Gamzee. Help.
by OGHomestuck February 13, 2018
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The area of and sourrounding Dublin ireland. Full of west brits with their D4 accents and inability to see that lenster are not as good at rugby as munster.
i wouldn't go near the pale it's a shit hole.
by rob corkman November 9, 2006
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Used to refer to something that is bad (usually used when refering to boredom), be that a situation or a place. The term is most commonly used in the South Manchester area
breh #1: "Man this club is pale"
breh #2: "yeah lets do one, its sending me on a whitey (on a downer)"
by legendinho99 April 9, 2009
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