To Give shit back 2x worse then what they did to you.
my mom took away my TV, you know what, im going to retaliate!
by Eddyyyb August 16, 2007
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a counter action motivated by balancing the scales of personal justice
The student's retaliation against the professor 's unfair criticisms was justified with logical appeals weighed appropriately to the context of the situation and with knowledge about student conduct code beforehand.
by Linger November 6, 2015
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A Male who is very cocky but can back it up strives towards his goals and wall sacrifice anything even his own family to achieve that goal isn’t fond of women and has very wicked thoughts and dreams that allow him to be this way. Very intelligent and finds pleasure out of manipulating pears. Related to characters like lou bloom, anton chigurh,001,Captain poison,Lil z,Hans landa,Major dator hellstorm,Anthony swofford,Leonard shelby,Amon göth, and most importantly Martin lang from the killing of a sacred deer
“Hey man why are you so cold hearted yet so successful”. “sigh” I am a retalis and if you don’t stop talking to me i will murder you”
by imetihs yggiz December 12, 2022
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The hate and propaganda machine aimed at the UEE by anonymous members of a terrorist political organization known as CLX. They were largely responsible for documenting and publicizing the Kelcey mutiny in 2942.
Gosh, I can't wait to see what's new on The Retaliator!
by Xova February 17, 2014
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Another word for "Hate Fucking" a person. When you dislike someone so much or are mad at them you bang them as hard as you can; taking out all your anger and frustration on them then kick them out of bed and make them go home once your done having your way with them.
Andrea is such a dirty skank, she went behind my back and tried screwing my best friend Jake. So tonight I plan on getting a little "Retaliation Penetration" done on her ass then breaking up with her!
by SassyJax01 November 2, 2011
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A common mental state of humankind, which was first presented by Dr. Po. The theory says that if one is once under criticism or receives words of humiliation, he or she may well turn the words back or inflict something harsh upon others in the same way, or even much severer. This kind of mind at the moment is defined as "mind of retaliation."
Gerry the fatty ridiculed Andy as a pig; without a doubt, that was just mind of retaliation.
Mind of retaliation is a state that everyone may go through, we had better keep calm and try not to be swayed while hearing some insulting words toward ourselves.
by X.P.Lin February 6, 2014
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when you get back at someone for petty annoyances.
huhh, wtf how did my coat go from being on your bed, to that dusty, dirty, hairy spot over in that corner. It's time to get revenge for your arrogance
by 65654 December 8, 2004
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