Gamer, epic Gamer. But not on minecrafy. Nonono. Why is he blond? No one will ever know
by January 27, 2021
You body slam the shit out of your partner while she has your dogs dick in her mouth and she throws up on its dick while saying hulk hogan.
Hey babe wanna try the "hulk hogan" our dog is in to it.
by AnimalLover3006 May 7, 2020
Pubic hair shaved to resemble a handlebar mustache. ( Like Hulk Hogan )
She wasn't brave enough to get a Brazilian, so she got a Pink Hogan instead.
by Vik34 July 6, 2016
Refering to when Hulk Hogan would rip his shirt off before each match, this term has to do with foreskin. Basically, a male with foreskin is pounding away and the vag starts to dry up. Being close to climax, he bypasses the option to pull out and spit on his dick for more lubrication and proceeds to pound dry. The build up of friction gives him an unwanted circumcision resembling Hulk Hogan ripping off his shirt.
Tyrant: Juicy J isn’t coming into work today?

Big Easy: Juicy J is not cumming for a long time. My man accidentally did The Hulk Hogan with his gf last night.

Tyrant: I guess now he has zero skin.
by Uncle Gary's Potato Farm March 10, 2019
An alpha male above all males that claim to be males.
I feel like a ben hogan right now
by Thexanking August 29, 2021
When you criticize someone for taking too long to text back like the have big hands like Andre The Giant.
The Hulk Hogan text buster made people’s business more efficient.
by Coop Dupe April 12, 2022