This is what u call someone when they cant smell.
Me: Hey can u smell this?
Them: No im Jack Hogan
by May 31, 2022
He is a professional basketballer, surfer and scientist. He pulls guys and girls of any age but isnt interested in them his heart lies with the sea and the court. However he is sexually romanced by fish and dolphins, gets him going.
"Hey Did you see Angus Hogan on the board Yesterday"
"Yeah he was fucking a fish or something. "
by May 23, 2022
When a husband settles a divorce with 70/30 decision with his wife. The female gets 70% and the male gets 30% of the assets
That guy got hulk hoganed after the divorce proceedings. He got fucked!
by Faze855 November 28, 2018
V. To rip an article of clothing like Hulk Hogan does his shirts off of one's body
"Wait, wait. Is that a move in the bedroom? Hoganing off your drawers!? Like straight up ripping your underpants off?? In the workaholics movie I think Derz needs to Hogan off his underwear."
by Agrsmlon June 8, 2022
A short ass 5'2 racist whom loves show ing you his 3 inch dick, he loves saying the n word and a guy named triston belew
Jake:hey triston wanna see my balls

Jake:proceeds to pull his pants down
Triston:i hate Jacob micheal hogan he's so gay
by NoVid April 14, 2022
Cara Hogan: Hi
Me: Fuck off
Cara Hogan: Why
Me: You was racist
by Malakai x August 16, 2021
The type of person to peg someone if necessary and does not know the difference between roblox and fortnite. A whole bum who stalks Shaunak Sharma.
Friend: Pass me mats
Kaitlin Hogan: Mat is not in the game
Friend: You fucking dumbass
Kaitlin Hogan: You know what I can't take this anymore, Shaunak Sharma would not treat me this way.
by urmadrepadrecarlosgoden24 October 25, 2018