Can’t fold means that under pressure you don’t give in you keep trying and don’t give up no matter how hard life is you don’t stop
Bro life my be hard now but just remember you can’t fold under pressure
by Lilyball August 8, 2018
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A phrase used by the iconic multi millionaire youtuber Jeffree Star. It means that if you never experienced something you cannot relate on it.
Local: I want to go into Gucci but I don’t think they’ll let me in because I look poor and homeless

Jeffree: Can’t relate *walks in and buys 10,000 worth of gucci*

Local: *cries in poor*
by Natexclip September 17, 2018
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someone who falls asleep early/all the time (typically in public settings)
“Yo is Mary asleep?”
Ya dude she can’t hang
by can’t hanf June 30, 2018
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When someone is so done with something (a comment, a person, etc.) they can’t even finish a sentence.
I want a salad, but just the lettuce part.”

“I can’t—”
by spoopydumpling May 24, 2018
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A phrase a rich person uses when they can’t relate to being poor,humble, or having financial struggles.
Garrett Watts says to Jeffree “i had to save up for 2 years to buy this toyota.” Jeffree says, “can’t relate”.
by davincidadog November 19, 2018
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