A bubbly, fun, spontaneous girl. normally with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Bridget Noel Hogan's tend to be skinny. they are athletic and smart. Bridget Noel Hogan's are very friendly as well, everybody is their friend, even if they hate that Bridget Noel Hogan.
but they like to be right, they are strong, even if they don't look like it. they tend to be very kind, unless you get them mad. if you get a Bridget Noel Hogan mad, you will be dead within 24 hours. If you know a Bridget Noel Hogan, you are very lucky. If you are friends with a Bridget Noel Hogan, you have the best friend a person can have, because they keep their promises, don't like drama, will always be there no matter what, and are very forgiving, and much more.
Many boys tend to fall in love with Bridget Noel Hogans
James: Wow, look at that girl, she is a very good friend.
Samuel: Hot to
Alexandra: She beats me at all my tournaments.
Amanda: but she is a really good friend
Aaron: She must be a Bridget Noel Hogan.
by Smartdog303 March 27, 2013
the act of destroying someone in a Hulk Hogan manner
I'm goin' Hogan on this bitch.....
by torqueflare July 21, 2009
Big ass fucking simp even though she doesn’t fucking like him

Drew reminds me of a 3 year old all of his height must have went to his fat fucking face
Oh that’s my sugar daddy Drew Hogan he’s ugly as fuck but he buys me things so it all works out
by Daddy Derrick May 1, 2020
He is the greatest kid ever more like the greatest god ever the best nickname ever for Tyler is definitely Tylandish Goat
Yo did you see LeBron James today he played great I mean he played like Tyler Hogan
by Krakalackin March 18, 2021
When you and your friend get in a fight, and the shorter one comes out on top screaming OHHHHH YEAAAAAAA
Man I like how at the party last night you pulled the old Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan act.
by Guts The Slayer June 18, 2016
This is what u call someone when they cant smell.
Me: Hey can u smell this?
Them: No im Jack Hogan
by May 31, 2022
He is a professional basketballer, surfer and scientist. He pulls guys and girls of any age but isnt interested in them his heart lies with the sea and the court. However he is sexually romanced by fish and dolphins, gets him going.
"Hey Did you see Angus Hogan on the board Yesterday"
"Yeah he was fucking a fish or something. "
by May 23, 2022