Someone who can't say no to anything
You say no to drugs, Juicy J can't

You say no to ratchet pussy Juicy J can't
by Devious123 November 4, 2012
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American songwriter often described as the Shakespeare of the streets. Not to be confused with pop star and prostitute Jesse J.

Actually has an Oscar.
Black guy 1: Man, when Juicy J getting his Nobel Prize?
Black guy 2: Ohh word - Remember when he started a verse with "All I need is one more skank, dirty pussy, suck my dick?"

Black guy 1: Shit changed my life. I got my life motto from a Juicy song: "It ain't a strip club if they ain't showing pussy."
by Merriam W. November 1, 2018
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The trippiest nigga you'll ever meet. Founded Three 6 Mafia and is now launching a solo career with Taylor Gang.
Jake: Have you heard Juicy J? That nigga is trippy.
Matt: He has an Oscar.
Justin: No way.
by WeTrippyMane April 12, 2012
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The act of shitting on someone after taking a dick up the ass.
Don't make me pull a Juicy J on you when you pull out bitch!
by GEOOOOFREY September 11, 2013
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Co-Founder of three 6 mafia alongside with dj paul, project pat is his brother
yo mayne juicy j is crazy
by dsfvgsds July 6, 2006
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