to make the most and best of what is possible romantically
and be content
"we are hibbing it this time"
by El Sa El June 4, 2019
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adj,v : word used to describe girls that act retarded. Whether it be annoying, drunk, slutty, etc.
Jesus, who brought that to the party, she's acting hibbing right now.

Yeh, Pete... she is definately hibbing around right now.
by Apparently August 22, 2006
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A slang term to describe someone who is like 30 years old but speaks like a teenage girl. They are also ugly and they dress like a homeless child molester.
Don't look, it's a Hib Hib! Hide your identity!
by Jeremy Georgeburn May 22, 2008
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In sport - To fall at the final hurdle. To snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. To go on a bad run of results just when you are a stick-on for winning the league.

Derived from Hibernian Football Club's (wee team in Edinburgh) unerring ability to shoot themselves in the foot. An example being the Scottish Championship/ Premiership playoff final in season 2013/14. Hibernian 2-0 up and cruising from their away tie at Hamilton then contrived to lose the home leg 0-2 and lose the tie on penalies. Hilarious stuff.
Looks like the home team are going to Hibs it here John.
by Bigus April 18, 2016
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1. Hot Incompatbile Bimbo (female)
2. Highly Incompetent Bro (male)

When you have a HIB in your life, you're in for a bad time. Not now, not today, not tomorrow, but one day you will wake up with a realisiation that there is someone better for you.
Logan married a really hot girl with D cups who religiously squats in the gym. Only after a year he realized he has spent all his money on her make up and clothes and now he wants out. He ended up with a HIB!
by Steedman26 January 27, 2021
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A herpes infested bitch... usually very grimey

- synonyms- slut/whore/
" wow, that girl is such a hib!"

" did you hear what the hib did last night?!"
by APH8R January 28, 2010
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Name for a group of hibees. Who are a sad lot of Nomads from leith who enjoy their days most with a needle in their arm. see Tramp, Jakey,
"Lets all laugh at hibs" 5-1
by Scottthejambo October 13, 2004
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