A quote when you play Undertale and fight Sans.
“You’re gonna have a bad time.” Sans, 2015
by Despacito Undertale sans February 23, 2019
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it was bad times when kian tried to steal my girlfriend.
by jimbob November 16, 2002
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Talking to your dad on a CB 30 years in the past to solve a murder mystery is bad times
by Bungalow Bill October 6, 2001
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A catch-all expression used when conversation turns to the sputtering economy and it's many painful symptoms.

Serves to end a negative topic of discussion while posing that said difficulties are unavoidable but subject to possible improvement when a reshapen economy emerges.
"Dude, did you know Mohammed had to trade in his lexus for a 5-year-old fiat so he can cover his mortgage payments while he retrains?"

"Bad times, man. bad times. I'm hungry."
by bhunji April 26, 2009
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a term used by adam corolla.
see: good times
Dr, Drew: what did your dad do to you?
caller: well, he abused me and drank beer and ran away when I was 8.
Adam: bad times
by Drew January 2, 2004
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