a phrase used when somebody is not in the mood to deal with anything.
Arianna: “Not today

Lexi: “of course lol”
by southerngirl8 November 28, 2017
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when you can be bothered with foolishness because your not in the mood .....
*your eating food

person one:u fat pig

you: NOT TODAY!! eric
by shot that.. March 12, 2020
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a beautiful BTS song which is out for haters. you can try to drag us down, speak ill about us and try to keep us at the bottom, but its not gonna happen today.
guess when im gonna figure out who my ultimate bias in bts is? NOT TODAY.
by vmylifeu May 27, 2018
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When you call this scary number and it says your number has been logged and traced
"Your number has been logged and traced"-Phone
"Heard you say NOT TODAY *Ends call*"-Me
by ......................no November 20, 2017
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A phrase about the God of Death. often spoken By Arya Stark Lady of Winterfell in times of hardship.

Not today Night king
There is only one God

and his is name is Death.

And there is only one thing

we say to Death.

“Not today”
by NotTodayNK May 1, 2019
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The day it is now. Yesterday is always in the past and even tomorrow will be today when we get there.
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow's far off, today is for living. Enjoy it.
by Ceejay44 August 26, 2017
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The current pre-determined expanse of time consisting of 24 hours that is unfolding at the exact moment that your consciousness is expierencing for the first time.
Today is a great day.
by A-person_yay March 28, 2014
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