doin u wrong or dirty.. backstabbin..
damn.. ya nigga grimey for messin wit ya best friend!
by cookie January 4, 2005
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1. From "grime;" something very dirty or filthy, caked with dirt. Marked by abjectness stemming from neglect.

2. A morally reprehensible deed.

3. A person who is known for their lack of decency in human affairs.
1. After 3 months of winter driving in NYC, my car is grimey.

2. Your best friend fucked your girl? That's grimey.

3. Don't trust that kid. He's grimey.
by Ilan the Man August 29, 2005
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adjective used to describe filthy dirty dubstep music.
Person 1: What's that music you're listening
Person 2: I'm listening to that grimey shitt.
by Mr. Plush May 27, 2010
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To betray or stab in the back. To Fuck someone over.
This dudes best friend's girlfriend broke up with him after they been together 4 like 3 years, two days latta da mutha f*cka is bangin the bitch
by Legoman May 6, 2005
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Mean, wrong, hurtful, rude..
Person 1: "Ugh, that girl is so ugly I don't know how her boyfriend can stand lookin at her every day."

Person 2: "Dang! That is real grimey, dude."
by February 19, 2010
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1. Something that is Heavy ill phat or wicked usually a tune

2. Derived from the term grime. A style of UK Garage music.
That track is grimey!
by Lee Rees January 21, 2004
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bogus, or dirty, or foul
dang cuz yo shoes is grimey as hell!

Robyn yo toes is Grimey as hell... they look like Alligator feet!
by Karen And Ashley May 1, 2003
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