A measurement for sound frequency, the less hertz, the less high pitched, the more hertz, the more high pitched. The average hearing range in hertz is 20 to 20,000 hertz, but it varies due to age, the younger you are, the more you hear. Most animals have a larger hearing range to us.
Little kid: Ow, can you hear that sound with lots of hertz? Its really painful!

Old man: Nope, can't hear anything, there is no sound with lots of hertz.
by ~N3RD~ March 4, 2014
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the distinguished mood between two or more people when not only the emotions match but the frequencies, too
a heart to heart relation requires a hertz to hertz frequency match before all
by kelamist March 13, 2022
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Hertz is a unit of frequency (of change in state or cycle in a sound wave, alternating current, or other cyclical waveform) of one cycle per second. It replaces the earlier term of "cycle per second (cps)."In acoustic sound, the range of human hearing is from 0 Hz to roughly 20 kHz (depending on many factors, including age and how loud the drummer in your high school rock band played!). The pitch of Middle C on a piano is 263 Hz. Hertz is also used frequently when describing the individual bands of an audio equalizer. To make that Middle C louder, you could boost other frequencies to around 263 Hz with an equalizer.

The unit of measure is named after Heinrich Hertz, German physicist.
P1: ey that hertz !
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd April 18, 2019
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Several sharp, quick punches to a persons upper arm. Meant to sound like hurts, don't it?
That Hertz Donut numbed my muscle.
by Dead Deer July 8, 2006
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A common school prank, used as the subject of a mostly nonsensical joke in Cory McAbee's film 'The American Astronaut'.
"When he asked the boy if he would like a Hertz Donut, the boy said 'Not if you're gonna stab me in the eye with a pencil'. 'I wouldn't even touch ya', said Mr Stevenson.

"So when the boy agreed, he presented him with a photograph of the young man's fiancée at a bachelor party, on some guy's table, fuckin' herself with a beer bottle.

"As tears filled the young man's eyes, Mr Stevenson was heard to say 'Hertz donut'"
by MrBoyt February 28, 2010
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1. The purported frequency at which Aztec human sacrifices were occuring in 1487 during the reconsecration of the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan. This is a period of 4.09478673 seconds between sacrifices. The number is probably inflated as a propaganda tool to use against their foes.

2. A mythical radio modulation method that uses very low frequency blood waves to send propaganda to Conquistadors.
1. The Aztecs were slitting people's chests and tearing their hearts out in the 0.244212963 hertz range.

2. What Ham mode is faster than 30 seconds per dot Morse code and has an equal signal propagation written in blood? Tune to 0.244212963 hertz (0.000244212963 Mhz Upper Sideband(!))on your rig to hear the answer!
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter September 19, 2007
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