Often used when trying to get someones attention.

Can also be used if someone tries to trick you, but you realize something.
"Ey, wanna go to mah place?"
"Ey, you, come here!"
by Hrugnir March 10, 2003
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from the Canadian root word meaning "How about them apples?" Often used to indicate a statement of the obvious and mild condescention.
I see I caught you wanking off again, ey? Just had to wank to a picture of your grandmother, ey? Sicko.
by zoodc June 10, 2003
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A typo when trying to type Hey.
person 1 ey
person 2 Uhh... what?
person 1 oh, sorry. Hey.
by N@y April 15, 2011
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A phrase used by American Indians as 1) A sound noting a joke or 2) A noise stretched out for no reason. (Said just like the Canadian "ey.")
A) Hey man, your mom's kinda cute and I'd-eyyyy!

B) Eeeeeeeeeey!
by Avram Fawcett June 3, 2006
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When your to lazy to say hey on AIM and sound like a prick, you say ,"ey".
<insert screen name here>: ey
<insert screen name here2>: watsup
by betterwordmaster November 24, 2007
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Ey is the American version of eh.

Americans doing what they do best when embarrassed that they relate to a Canadian, they make up a word that does not exist.

In doing so they hope to avoid the fact that they say eh without realizing it just as people say like or uhm when going about thoughts.

If you look through a dictionary, 'eh' can be found as 'ey' cannot. If it is, that publisher is incorrect. Even Firefox spell check says ey doesn't exist.
ey, fuck yo couch.

eh, fuck yo spelling.
by xxxMattxxx January 14, 2009
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Now we're seeing eye to eye.
by Curtis September 20, 2003
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