Complete opposite of Big Man, young man thinks he’s the g.o.a.t. But in reality he can’t do simple tasks like driving a nail. Young men will try to assert dominance by mocking other people for no reason. When facing big man (psychologically and physically), young man stands no chance. The best way to bum young men is by saying
“Wait till I call Big Man”.
Person : oi! young man stop fucking with my youngsters or I will call Big Man Mandi
by Skrrt man January 22, 2020
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A sexual move in which a male participant ejaculates into a tissue. This is followed with said male screaming the lyrics of the popular song "Y.M.C.A", balling up the tissue with ejaculate in it and throwing the balled happy-goo tissue at his sexual partners face. It is very important that the tissue hits the participants face as they exclaim "Young Man"
Rebecca: Hey Cassidy, you seem in a good mood.
Cassidy: Michael Young Manned me last night! It was wonderful!
Rebecca: Lucky! Dylan never Young Mans me!
by Mrs. Bueno March 20, 2019
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A song by Billy Joel which contains an infamously difficult piano riff created by repeatedly hitting the middle C key
A: Damn, I just listened to that song Angry Young Man... is that real!?
B: Yeah, in his prime when he was young he played it even faster than the recording.
A: Holy shit.
by CrashRocks1419 January 22, 2021
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DLC for Rock Band by The Who that if you FC it on expert drums, You become Jesus for 15 minutes.
Person 1 - "Dude, I just FC'd Young Man Blues on expert drums!"

Person 2 - "zOMG, The Second Coming!"
by destructamental September 2, 2008
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1: a term used to describe a boy or man, typically below 27 years of age, who is delightful, respectful, kind and polite.
2: a sarcastic term denoting to a boy or man, typically below 27 years of age, who is the exact opposite of delightful, respectful, kind and polite.
1: Mohammed is always holding the door open for other people, and he's good at cheering people up when they're feeling upset or have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. What a charming young man!
2: Person A: Mohammed isn't in school because he was suspended for setting toilet roll on fire. Person B: No, that was last time. This time he was suspended for physically abusing a teacher. Person C: What a charming young man!
by graedion May 30, 2018
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Ryan- "Why is that kid wearing daring young mans?"
Josh- "I don't know..he must not have any sense of fashion!"
by Ryan Scott Graham November 19, 2007
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