Hz hertz is the symbol for hertz, which is a unit of measurement for determining the frequency of something (or cycles), per second.

Though primarily used in the field of physical science, it can also be used as slang for something, which occurs extremely often, and perhaps concerningly often.
1. Five wavelengths which occur in the time lapse of 1 second has a frequency of 5 Hz.

2. Dude, that frat boy just doesn't know when to stop.
I know! He is bangin' sorostitutes at like 100 hz's!!!
by Choueke March 25, 2007
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n. one of Hong Kong's top clan notorious for having affliations with the triads.
n. a community of brothers that do not commit black on black crime.
n. brotherhood of the db fam.
1. -hZ-'s Back. Are you ready for more?
by undaconstrusction May 13, 2003
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The frequency at which sound waves induce orgasm.
Dude, Sally is either having a seizure or the 33 Hz works.
by illtickleurelmo November 14, 2009
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A universal hertz / hz that can improve your mood and make music sound alot clearer and heal the mind and soul. 🤍🕊
Person A: You heard that new uzi in 432 hz

Person B: Yea bro that shit sounds rad i was floating
by RealNibba25 January 31, 2021
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is a word that every khmer mom use when their children is doing something they dislike or the child talk back to them
child:*talks back*
mom: did you just talk back to me? dos slarb hz men
by immadiyourdaddy December 9, 2020
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