To have diarrhea. To go to the bathroom and evacuate your bowels in liquid form.

It can also be used if you have a lot of belly pain and have to go constantly to the bathroom for number two.
Poor Mary, she has the shits.
My cat had the shits last night.
I think I have the shits.
by NAjA November 26, 2013
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For some reason the people of Drumchapel are going mad for this phrase, screaming "Have some shit" when in combative argument. Akin to "Fuck you", but with more venom, could be used in situations where a situation requires vengeance.
Derived from a human turd left on a doorstep in Earl St with "Have some shit" written on the inside of a Rice Crispie box stuck in it like a little sign.
I did some serious overtime this week, have some shit petterson.
by Flapjackandy May 18, 2008
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What you say when you have to shit.
(Usually happens in a bathroom on a toilet)
Dude 1: I have to shit
Dude 2: Thats good to know..
by KalebRunnells October 04, 2008
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to say to have a good time with your homies
Brad: dude... what should we do today?
Paul: let's have a shit bro
by rinnalives February 05, 2019
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A term used to mock someone when they are up early in the morning (meaning they aren't usually up early)
It's only 5am,have you shit the bed?
by Lee.w October 31, 2017
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